Monday, January 10, 2005

Shock Value

Everybody needs to come and check out my man Tone Shock, one of the illist rappers in the south. He's about to drop his new record SHOCK VALUE, which is going to blow your minds. I've known this guy for almost 6 years and he has constantly elevated in the art of hip hop since he began. Once you hear his music you will be suprised to find out he's an Italian rapper from the state of Florida. Tone Shock is not another want to be Eminem, he has own style that he has developed over the years as a rapper/producer. Tone's music is real so everybody from thugs to politics needs to check it out at big MAMA and check out his web log at the hyperlink above. Peace Out.

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Justin Time

Welcome to the new hot spot on the internet. This is your host J Nice from Chapel Hill, North Carlina. I just opened the blog but its going to expand beyond your imagination. In due time this will be a site for everybody to checkout. Untill then big ups to big MAMA and all of my friends and family. Peace Out.